Client Tesimonials

Dr. Huxford and each one of his great staff are friendly and helpful! I was experiencing detrimental wear on several of my teeth due to grinding and Dr. Huxford and his skilled assistants designed and built beautiful new crowns for me. I am so grateful and I absolutely LOVE my new smile!

Stephanie T., Boulder City, Nevada

What is comfort? You will not know until you find that your teeth are not going to serve you any longer.

After years and a lot of expense, I found a place with caring front desk and office staff, plus an honest and skilled doctor that helped me to enjoy by ability to chew.

They may not be my own teeth, but they've made life more enjoyable!

Imre B., Boulder City, Nevada

After several traumatic dental events as a child, I developed a fear of dentistry. These events occurred in the 1950’s and early 1960’s, but the fear never went away. I vigorously brushed, flossed, picked, rinsed and spit religiously for 30 years hoping to avoid another dental event. However, my mouth became so sensitive that even the routine cleanings were painful. I required nitrous oxide even for the simplest of dental procedures. I even used headphones with music to distract away from the event.

At 50 years of age, I knew I needed dental work. I spent months (actually years) dreading the ordeal I knew I was going to go through. I actually considered using strong sedatives in preparation for the dental work. A friend recommended Dr. Huxford. At first, I was skeptical – what difference is the dentist going to make. To make a long story short, I made it through the ordeal by and large without nitrous, no headphones, and certainly no sedatives.

First let me say, the “Doc” by his nature has a very calming effect on me (perhaps it’s practice with his 5 kids!!) Second, he is very gentle in his procedures. Third, he along with his staff sing or hum while they are working which relaxes me. As a former Human Resources Director, it makes me feel good when people enjoy their work.

I’m still not crazy about having dental events but I thoroughly enjoy my visits with the Doc and his staff. I am confident that he is not going to hurt my mouth or me. I am proud of my smile and proud of the Doc and staff that put the smile back on my face!!!

Janel P., Boulder City, Nevada

I made the switch to Boulder Dental Group a couple of years ago after the recommended treatment from my then-dentist was going to cost over $5,000 (primarily because the solution was outsourced to a dental surgeon in Las Vegas). I went to Dr. Huxford for a 2nd opinion and his recommended treatment was different and in-house, so only about $1,500.

I had nothing against my former dentist at all (he's a super nice guy), but since you don't really go to a different dentist for different things - I made the switch to Dr. Huxford and Boulder Dental Group and have been really happy. Teeth cleanings were also less expensive than I was paying before and since my dental hygienist is so awesome - I now go in twice a year.

Love the whole team at BDG and would definitely recommend them!.

Kathy H., Boulder City, Nevada