Same Day Crowns

E4 Dentist

Same Day Crowns

Getting a new crown used to start with messy and uncomfortable impressions, then weeks living with a temporary crown while your permanent one was created for you at an off-site laboratory. Of course, a return visit was required to to install your brand new crown and that meant another trip and another shot of Novacain.

But now, technology allows patients to receive their new permanent crowns in just one day and Boulder Dental Group can completely restore your tooth in just one visit. In fact, the entire process takes one to two hours, from imaging to implant. There are no impressions to send off to a lab, no temporary crowns to install and happily, no need for a second visit.

How does it work? Using a specially designed E4D camera, we take high-resolution digital images of your damanged tooth's structure and surrounding soft tissue to generate a 3D model of your tooth. The E4D's CAD technology (Computer Aided Design) allows Dr. Huxford to design and refine your new tooth right in the office. After making adjustments using your bite record, the new tooth's design is approved and the E4D's computerized system sends the plan to a sculpting machine that cuts your restoration from a block of ceramic in about 15 minutes!

Crowns created with the E4D Dentist are extemely accurate and in many cases, more accurate than conventional impression mold methods. Because there is no need to send them for off-site production, the cost for same-day crowns is about the same as the conventional variety and they are generally covered by insurance.